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The Old Hall Inn run by Barbara Simmons & Eddie Blaber, is a substantial building just minutes from the shore in Sea Palling. Dating back to the middle of the 17th century, the Inn is traditional both from the outside and within.


There are two bars, one adjoining the A la Carte restaurant whilst the second bar has a lounge area & family dining area where children's meals can be served.

The A la Carte menu which is available in both dining areas includes a selection of starters. Fish (including lobster & crab when available) steaks and traditional home cooked meals such as steak & ale pie and liver & bacon.

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There is some outside seating at the front while at the back of the pub is a delightful beer garden. There is also a car park at the back of the Inn with ample parking space. With six bright, comfortable guest bedrooms, four of them with en-suite facilities, the Inn is a good base for exploring the many attractions which North Norfolk has to offer.

Non En-suite prices:

1 person £35.00 - 2 people £50.00

En-suite prices:

1 person £45.00 - 2 people £60.00.

All above prices include full English breakfast.


An Additional ghostly note about The Old Hall Inn

In May, 1975 and October 1976, a team of researchers from the Borderline Science Investigation Group made serious attempts to obtain facts regarding the alleged haunting of this 400 year old building, formerly a farmhouse. They spent many hours recording some interesting material, using sophisticated detecting apparatus and arrived at the conclusion that genuine phenomena had probably occurred.

There was no real evidence that the ghost was of Maria Cubitt, as was originally claimed, but 'impressive' information did suggest that the phantom was a 'Lily Taylor'. On separate occasions the figure of a woman in grey clothing has been seen sitting on a window ledge in the television lounge and an accompanying drop in temperature recorded.

Other phenomena has been sudden and inexplicable appearances of a 'bluish shadow and 'the sweet, sickly smell of strong tobacco'. At 11 o'clock one morning, the manager's wife at the time saw a 'column of grey smoke move across the dining room towards the kitchen. This was observed on two later occasions by other witnesses.

However, you will be pleased to know that Barbara & Eddie have not experienced any phenomena . . . . YET.